Dóxa Threelay

Dóxa is the first overnight triathlon relay! Teams of 1 all the way up to 12 people race non-stop doing 36 legs equaling 285 miles through the heart of Utah on July 27-28, 2018


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0 training days left until  RACE DAY!  Join us July 27, 2018



What other people are saying

"I have competed in triathlons of every level across the US and nothing has compared to the experience I had competing with my team in Doxa. The race is uniquely designed to challenge the most elite triathlete while still embracing and supporting first timers. Doxa was incredibly fun and challenging and our team cant wait to do it again!"Nathaniel Hancock, Team Truffle Shuffle
"I've Always enjoyed triathlons, but I was real excited when I heard about the team format. I called some friends around the country and we decided to meet in Utah to give it a try. It was a blast! Running and biking through mountains, swimming in lakes - you couldn't ask for a more striking course. We will definitely be back next year!"James Oliveros, Team Titan
"Doxa is the most amazing race I have ever taken place in."Timothy Naylor, Team Dodeca Trifecta
"Definitely doing Dóxa every year! Doesn't get better than this!"Theron Anderson, Team 2 Days 2 Kill

Travel through 285 miles of incredible scenery


Corporate Teams

Think your place of business has what it takes to compete? Get your workplace involved with Dóxa corporate wars. Whether you challenge other businesses or simply race against internal teams, corporate wars are a great way to build company culuture and strengthen employees! Sign up today!