A 1-12 Person Overnight Triathlon Relay? Bring It!

What is the Dóxa Threelay?

Dóxa (Greek for “glory”) is the first triathlon relay of it’s kind. In the past if you wanted to do a triathlon with friends or family you were forced to compete against them or only do one of the three legs. Dóxa provides you with the opportunity to team up with friends and family!

Each of the triathletes on your team can have a swim, bike, and run leg, or you can divide up the legs how you would like! You and your team will travel 285 miles from start to finish over a two day period of non-stop triathlon. The overnight triathlon relay is an unforgettable and incredible experience.

Dóxa is the perfect opportunity for you to participate in your first triathlon because you will be able to rest between each leg! It is also easier when you have 11 team mates making sure you give it all you got!

If you are a seasoned triathlete, compete with only a few friends or even try the Doxaman or Doxawoman Challenge by completing all 36 legs by yourself!

Dóxa starts at Starvation Reservoir in Duchesne, passes through Tabiona, Hanna, Jordanelle, Midway, Provo, Springville, Spanish Fork, Mona, Nephi, Fountain Green, Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, Huntington, and ends in Price Utah!

Be prepared to see some of the most beautiful scenery that Utah has to offer!

Dóxaman Finishers

To complete all 285 miles by yourself is a HUGE accomplishment. Only two men have become a Dóxaman.

James Player is the Original Dóxaman. In 2014 he came out to achieve the impossible by becoming the first Dóxaman. He fought through a freak snowstorm in August by putting on his wet suit while biking in order to get to the finish line. He was the last across the finish line with a time of 30:45:29.

Michael Rushton was the second Dóxaman but the first to complete the feat twice! In 2015 and 2016 he came out and redefined what is possible. In 2015 he blew us all away placing 4th overall with an amazing time of 25:01:10! In 2016 he placed 6th overall shaving almost an hour from the previous year with a time of 24:10:57. He beat all of the 12 person teams in 2016!

2018 is the year of the Dóxawoman! We will have a field of female soloists looking to become a Dóxawoman. Don’t miss it!

Team tri 2

Dóxa teams are customizable!

There is now a way to take your team or various skill level, experience, and ability and make the race a challenge for every member. Whether you want to do 1 leg or all 36 it is completely up to you!

Love running or biking but not the best swimmer? Take one of the shorter swims or give your swim to a team member and take one of their legs. The possibilities are endless. Check out the course map and get dibs early on the legs you want!

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