How much is it to participate in the Dóxa Threelay?
Current pricing for the 2018 Dóxa Threelay:

1 person Doxawoman/Doxaman $215
2-3 Person Iron Team $510
4-6 Person Ultimate Team $810
7-12 Person Team $1,260

Prices are scheduled to increase March 1, 2018

Is the Full Course Map Available?

Yes. Please use the link below to take a look at the full course map instead of the individual leg maps. (Swimming legs are not shown on this overview map, only the bike and run legs.)


What if I am a terrible swimmer?
We allow teams to paddle board or kayak alongside their team member if they are nervous about swimming. Teams will need to provide their own paddle board or kayak and need to stay on the inside of the buoys while participants swim on the outside of the buoys.

If you cannot find enough time to prepare well enough for your swim before the race we do allow a few swimming aids. (See the preparation page for approved aids).

Will there be nighttime swimming?
There are no open-water night swims. There are 2 night swim legs taking place in recreation center pools.
How do teams transport their bicycles along the course?
If all 6 members in the van wish to use their own bike, we suggest using a 4 or 5 bike trunk rack and the remaining 1 or 2 bikes can be placed on the roof. Another option would be to bring fewer bicycles and share (only one person will be biking at a time).
Do I have to have a set number of team mates?

No. You can have as many people on your team as you want with the Max being 12 people. Choose from the 4 group sizes:

1 person

2-3 person

4-6 person

7-12 person

Can I still participate even if I cannot find 11 other people to be on my team?
Yes of course. Sign up as a free agent or free agent team if you have some friends and as team captains need additional people we can help you get placed on a team! (We cannot guarantee placement but will do everything we can to find you a team).
When will the official rules be available?

The 2017 Dóxa Race Bible will be available on the Preparation Page prior to race day.

What type of shirt will participants receive?

Each participant will receive an athletic dri-fit type shirt. They will be gender specific.

Sizes fit a little small so we encourage you to go up a size.


Can I register a team now and pay later?
Yes. Keep in mind that the registration price will increase the longer you wait.

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